Thursday, April 30, 2009

1st Annual CMLT Variety Show 2009

Our talent show was a huge success! We were thunderstruck by Howard Swyers' operatic abilities. We stood in awe of "the Tapping Comparatists": Professors Pao, Julien, and Segal. We found out which critical perspective Miss Comp Lit chose to date during the grad students' "Love Connection" skit. And we were blown away by the Bollywood dancers as they performed to the title song of a recent Bollywood movie. We also had interactive and entertaining acts from Claire van den Broek, Claire Chen, Ju Young Jin, Jeff Johnson, and many others.

Thanks to all the performers and attendees for an unforgettable evening!

Claire Chen and Ju Young Jin
break into song

Professors Pao and Segal get
ready to start tappin'

Professor Julien about to tell Jack to hit the road

Professor Hertz taking control of the piano

Howard Swyers singing opera

Professor Johnston reading a story about a turd
that simply refuses to be flushed down

A medievalist, a feminist, and a Freudian battle
for the affections of Miss Comp Lit