Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SAB Seminar Paper Workshop

We are happy to announce our first-ever SAB Seminar Paper Workshop!  It will take place this Thursday (October 14) at 7pm in BH 141.

In this workshop, we'll address the following issues:
  • topic selection for term papers (how to choose an issue, narrow your focus, etc.)
  • strategies for comparative analysis (what exactly is a comparative topic, anyway?)
  • term paper proposals/abstracts

Later workshops will address source use, structure, and prose.

The goal of this workshop is to encourage us to get started on end-of-semester papers and to give us the tools to begin discussing these projects with instructors early on in the semester.  (This cuts down on the reading load and saves time in the long runwe promise!).  We'll be encouraging faculty and advanced graduate students to attend and share their expertise as well.

Please let us know by emailing heschreiatindianadotedu if you plan to attend, so that we can make enough copies of the materials and get enough snacks!

We hope to see you there.