Sunday, April 8, 2007

Graduate Student Advisory Board Elections for 2007-2008

Hi Comparative Literature Grads,

During this week, the Student Advisory Board of CMLT is holding elections for the 2007-2008 SAB officer positions. The SAB asks that all CMLT grad students vote for their preferred candidates by completing a ballot, which is available in the CMLT Office (See one of our Office Assistants). Please return the form to our department’s Undergraduate Assistants by 4pm on Friday, April 13th. The ballot shows all the grad students who are running for positions. Please note that the ballot allows the voter to “write-in” another candidate if they believe that someone else should be added. To elect a candidate, mark an “X” next to the person(s) you choose for the position. For some positions, you are asked to select two or more candidates. Lastly, we have added below some of the candidates' personal statements below for your consideration. If you have any questions or comments, e-mail the SAB at Thank you for voting! - Best regards, The SAB

***Personal Statements from the Candidates ***

Matt Rowe, Candidate for SAB Co-Chairperson:

   The current leaders have built the SAB as a forum for CMLT grad students--connecting us to the faculty, to other departments, and to each other. As co-chair, I would hope to continue that momentum.
   As the department examines itself academically, we too can organize and focus our efforts to make sure our interests and concerns are understood. In addition to continuing or expanding recent initiatives (colloquia, department survey, Ruminations evenings, SAB website), I'd like to address such issues as advising & mentoring, faculty/student communication, professionalization, and the department's image.
   Next year I'll be in my fourth year in CMLT. As GPSO rep, I've been involved in campus-wide projects and have helped out behind the scenes in CMLT, for instance on the SAB website. Across campus there are many different ways of getting things done; I would hope to bring some of that broad perspective to the job.