Saturday, February 20, 2010

CMLT 60th Anniversary Conference

Here is the program of our anniversary conference (we're all excited to hear Jonathan Culler speak on Friday!):

Comparative Literature and the Future of the Humanities
60th Anniversary Conference of the Department of Comparative Literature

Friday, February 26

1:00 pm: C. Clifford Flanigan Graduate Colloquium (Lilly Library)

3:00 pm: Opening of Lilly Exhibit of Faculty Publications and Memorabilia

4:00 pm: Branigin Lecture (Woodburn 100)
  • Jonathan Culler – Cornell University: "Comparative Literature and the Future of Theory"
5:30 pm: Reception and Welcome (Lilly Library)

Saturday, February 27

9:00 am: Tribute to Matei Calinescu and Henry Remak (Lilly Library)

10:30 am: Alumni Panel I (Fine Arts 015)
  • "Drama of a Nation in Crisis: Aesthetics, Desire, and the Effeminized Early Modern Spanish State," Robert Bayliss – University of Kansas
  • "Epic Performances, Revolutionary Histories, and the Founding Myths of Socialist China," Xiaomei Chen – University of California-Davis
  • "The Odd Couple: The Gothic Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower in the Arts," Stephanie Moore Glaser – University of Copenhagen
2:00 pm: Alumni Panel II (Fine Arts 015)
  • "A Comparative Approach to Medieval Saints’ Legends," Karen Winstead – Ohio State University
  • "New Wine (American) in Old (Chinese) Bottles: A Purdue Poet Writing in Classical Tang and Song Forms," Eugene Eoyang – Indiana University/Lingnan University (with Wann Ai-jen)
  • "The Philosophy of Science… And Science Fiction: The Problem of Ubiquitous Computing," Jeff Bardzell – Indiana University
  • "The Worlding of Disciplines," Christian Moraru – University of North Carolina-Greensboro
4:15 pm: Closing Lecture (Fine Arts 015)
  • "Jean Prouve's Maison Tropicale: Architecture as Discourse on Colonialism," Manthia Diawara – New York University
5:30 pm: Closing Reception (IMU Georgian Room)